You live for social media and quick, fun content creation. You are ready to learn the latest social media platforms and actually form a legit strategy instead of winging it.


Check out our 90-Day Visibility Go Hard Sprint

In this sprint, we are focusing on showing up on our own platforms, specifically social media. This is because it offers the fastest return compared to your core content platforms whether they be blogging, podcasting or YouTube since those are more search related content that takes more time to ramp up.

This is the ONLY place you can find this offer. It is typically only included in our membership, The Visibility Society.

Hey there!

We're Jenny + Lindsey. And we LOVE hosting summits. In fact, it is our jam!

We have planned and hosted over 15 virtual summits between the two of us as well as supported countless entrepreneurs launch their own.

But hosting summit is just one facet of visibility. And the truth is, we LOVE all things visibility.
Jenny + Lindsey of Summit Success Squad
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