Day 3: Securing Speakers for Your Summit

Day 3 Homework

Start adding speakers to your outreach list

Are you ready to start your speaker outreach? Our all-time favorite tool to keep track of the speaker outreach is AirTable. We are sharing the EXACT AirTable base that we use to coordinate our own outreach, application, and confirmed speakers. There is a place to track your summit categories and sort by speaker tier and decision!

Want even more? Then join Summit Success School!

Summit Success School is a comprehensive summit planning course. We take our 5P Summit Planning Framework™ and dive deep into each pillar.

We cover everything from summit planning foundations, creating your offer, and speaker outreach, all the way to wrapping up your summit and what to do next, and everything in between!

This course is perfect for the newbie summit host or even those who have launched in the past without success.


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