Igniting Your Summit Planning Process

In this FREE 3-day challenge, you will learn how to set up your virtual summit for success.

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Hey there!

We're Jenny + Lindsey. And we LOVE hosting summits. In fact, it is our jam!

We have planned and hosted over 10 virtual summits between the two of us as well as supported countless entrepreneurs launch their own.

And this is a big reason we created this free challenge all about planning your summit.

Virtual summits have the power to grow your income, impact, and influence, when done right!

And we can't wait to show you how!
Jenny + Lindsey of Summit Success Squad

Ready to discover ignite your summit planning process?

Don't worry, we've got you covered! This free 3-day challenge will walk you through the core details you need to get in place to make the rest of your summit planning a breeze.
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