Episode 8 | I Don’t Have Time to Host a Virtual Summit

Episode 8 - I Don't Have Time to Host a Virtual Summit

Debunking the “I don’t have time to host a virtual summit” excuse.

Before we dive deeper, we do want to say that if you legitamitely have a ton of stuff going on in your life and business and you are already struggling, then it probably isn’t the right fit right now – because hosting a summit is a HUGE commitment.

But we also know that many times, people do actually have the time they just don’t think they do.

Benefits of Hosting A Summit

  1. It can boost your income, and it can be a pretty quick boost (just like a launch!)
  2. It can boost your subscribers, which is great especially if you have a great client funnel so you can nurture and convert them into your other products (even if they don’t upgrade to VIP)
  3. It can boost the impact you have on your audience by sharing all of the amazing free content
  4. It helps you build relationships with both the speakers AND the attendees, and you never know where this could lead you

Remember the success of a summit isn’t just based on the income generated or the subscriber growth you get directly from the summit. There is so much more to it!

Virtual Summit Host Time Savers

Start Small

Remember that not everything has to be done the first time around!

We have gone through so many changes since our first summit in 2018.

We tend to add new elements each time we launch our summit because we have our systems down and can now handle more!

(You don’t even have to sell something for your first summit!)

It is 100% up-to-you and your time commitment on what you want to include in your summit, and there is no right or wrong way!


A summit is a big undertaking, and you don’t have to do it all yourself.

Right now we do everything ourselves, but that is because we are crazy people! We highly recommend outsourcing if you can afford it.

And that is actually what we help you do at Summit Success Squad! There are several ways to work with us for summit support.

And if you are outsourcing, you don’t even need to outsource it all!

Don’t be afraid to pick and choose what you want to outsource and get the support in the areas you most need it.

Pick A Time When You’re Less Busy

This is important! We don’t recommend you choosing a time when you have a ton of other things going on (both professionally and personally).

Keep your ideal audience in mind as well. If your audience is moms with school age kids and they normally go on vacations during the summer, that probably isn’t the best time to host it because your audience is busier as well.

So tell us, what is holding you back from hosting a summit?

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Episode 8 - I Don't Have Time to Host a Virtual Summit
Episode 8 - I Don't Have Time to Host a Virtual Summit

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