Episode 7 | Should I Do Interview Style or Webinar Style Presentations?

Episode 7 - Should I Do Interview Style or Webinar Style Presentations

There are several different ways you can run your summit.

In this episode, we are going to cover if you should have interview style or webinar style presentations for your summit.

Interview-Style Presentations

This is where you actually interview the guest for your summit, just like you would on a podcast.

It can be video or audio, but essentially you ask the questions.

Benefits of Interview-Style Presentations

  1. You build a deeper connection with your speakers
  2. It builds a deeper connection with your speaker and the audience
  3. You have more control over the direction of the interview

The Biggest Disadvantage of Interview-Style Presentations


You need to physically interview each and every speaker. This quickly adds up in time.

Webinar-Style Presentations

We don’t actually mean webinar in the sense of very little value and long pitch.

We mean pre-recorded, slide-style presentation.

Benefits of Webinar-Style Presentations

  1. More actionable steps from the presentation
  2. The audience gets to learn the speaker’s teaching style
  3. Less time consuming as a host

The Biggest Disadvantage of Webinar-Style Presentations

As a host, you don’t have as much creative control over the presentations.

We have been lucky and haven’t had to pull any presentations because they were so off from our values, but it is something you can run into.

Speakers may end up ghosting you and not turning a presentation in!

We have had this happen before.

How to pick which style is best for you

Both styles have benefits and disadvantages.

It is going to come down to your time and your preference.

And most importantly it will depend on your summit focus and your audience.

If the summit topic works better for interviews (like a story based summit) and would make absolutely no sense as presentations, then interview style it is!

If presentations would be more beneficial for your audience than interviews, then webinar style it is!

It is great to try both styles

We have done both.

You can even merge the two!

So we got to learn first hand what our preference was. (*hint* for us, it is webinar style!)

So tell us, what is your favorite style to host your summit?

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Episode 7 - Should I Do Interview Style or Webinar Style Presentations
Episode 7 - Should I Do Interview Style or Webinar Style Presentations

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