Episode 12 | How to WOW Your Speakers for Your Virtual Summit

Your summit is as much of an experience for your speakers as it is for the attendees. It is important that you WOW them!

Organized + Clear from the Beginning

All the information you provide to your speakers whether it is on the application, outreach email, or even on the speaker onboarding page, it needs to be clear, concise and informational.

You want to make sure your speakers have everything they need as early as possible so that they are prepared.

This helps set the tone of your summit from the very beginning!

We know how important this is because we are frequently summit speakers so we have seen both sides of the spectrum!

Allow for Open Communication at ALL Times

You want your speakers to feel seen and heard from the very beginning.

It should be clear that they can ask you any questions that might come up, no matter how sensitive the subject might seem.

You also want to provide consistent updates to your speakers throughout the process.

Email reminders are key to let them know when promotional materials are ready, when promotion for the event begins, how the event is going, etc.

We have started also sending emails at the end of each day with a little wrap up for the speakers who spoke (or whose presentations went live) that day.

We are very open about numbers and sharing some of the nice comments we have been receiving. This helps them see the results and impact from the summit.

You want the speakers to feel that the time if took to participate in the summit was worth it!

Provide Promotional Materials EARLY!

Remember, your summit is not the first thing that comes to mind in their promotion calendar, your speakers run their own businesses as well.

Providing the materials as early as possible allows them to properly plan and schedule their promotion.

We also like to go above and beyond and provide everything possible we think they might need such as extra swipe copy, a variety of graphics, and even a broken down promotion calendar to make it a no brainer!

You can’t expect your speakers to promote if you are giving them the materials last minute.

You can even include a CTA for them to reach out to you if they would like something unique for their promotion.

Include Neutral Colored Graphics

We have started to provide more neutral colored graphics in addition to the summit brand color images because some people won’t post in their feed if the colors don’t work.

This is super easy to do and speakers who really care about their social media aesthetics now have an option to use!

Give Them Extra Opportunities to Promote Themselves

This is one of our FAVORITE things to do when hosting a summit.

We like to host Speaker Instagram Story Takeovers!

We provide a set of 5 Instagram Story Templates to the speakers and it is completely optional.

The speakers can either record video or fill out the templates and return them to us so we can post it to our stories and tag us!

We also encourage our speakers to go live in the summit Facebook group and introduce themselves and connect with the attendees.

Give Speaker Opportunities to Connect with Each Other

This is definitely the one that we haven’t fully implemented in our own summits but want to do.

We have a Speaker-only Facebook group so we can provide updates and for the speakers to meet each other.

Other ideas are a speaker networking call, co-hosting Clubhouse chats, and more.

Give Them Access to Your Paid Upgrade

This is something that doesn’t cost you a thing!

We always gives speakers access to all of the recordings, but now with our tiered options, if a speaker contributes to the digital product bundle they get access to the pass that includes that.

It is an easy way to say thank you and is so simple.

So tell us, what is your favorite way to WOW your speakers?

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