Episode 10 | How to Properly Vet Summit Applicants

Episode 10 | How to Properly Vet Summit Applicants

When you accept applications for speakers, it is very important to know how to properly vet summit applicants.

While our favorite way to get summit speakers is through personal outreach, we LOVE to also have an application.

Why You Should Have An Application

A summit speaker application opens you up to speakers you might not have even thought of or even knew about!

When the application is ready we like to promote it in Facebook groups, on Instagram, and, of course, to our email list.

We use the application as a way to help fill the gaps in our summit line up in terms of both speakers and topics!

Because remember, you don’t know who you don’t know!

Questions to Include in Your Speaker Application

It is important to ask the right questions so you can properly vet your speakers.

Questions We Ask

  • The Basics like Name, Email and Website
  • Social Media Handles along with the number of followers, page likes, members, etc.
  • Proposed Topic Ideas (we ask for 2-3!)
  • Email List Size
  • Experience questions like “Why do you want to speak at this summit?” and “Have you spoke at summits before? If so, which ones?”

What to Include BEFORE the Application Questions

On our application, before someone even gets to the questions, we like to break out important details so they are aware of the commitment if chosen.

Things like:

  • Promotion requirements/expectations
  • Any BIG dates and deadlines like when their presentation is due, when promotion starts
  • Presentation/Interview specifications

This helps prevent people from applying for something they can’t commit to. (Though you will still get a few that don’t read all the way through!)

How to Properly Vet Your Summit Applications

Our Criteria

  1. A Unique Topic – we want to make sure that the topic isn’t something we already have covered with our personal outreach speakers
  2. A Complimentary Topic – we want to make sure that if the topic isn’t covered already by one of our confirmed speakers, that it at least compliments and fits well in the existing lineup
  3. Diversity – we always ensure that we have a diverse speaker line up and that goes for any speaker whether they come through personal outreach or applications
  4. Email List Size is at least 1,000 for applications

How We Review

We typically sort by email list size and work our way down. While this isn’t the most important factor, a bigger reach helps not only you as the host but your fellow speakers as well.

And there have been times where we have decided against a person with a huge list because maybe we already had the topic, someone else’s pitch was better, or their audience isn’t a good fit!

The more detailed your application, the more quality the applicants tend to be (well at least the ones who follow the instructions!)

So tell us, have you used an application to find speakers?

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Episode 10 | How to Properly Vet Summit Applicants
Episode 10 | How to Properly Vet Summit Applicants

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