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The Visibility Society Annual Plan (Get 2 Months FREE)

Ready to take control of your visibility strategy?

The Visibility Society is a low-cost membership with the goal of making getting visible fun and easy!

Being and staying visible in your business is an on-going process, which is why we made this a membership rather than a course!

What’s inside The Visibility Society

  • Four (4) quarterly sprints ready for you to go through each with a different visibility pillar focus
  • A massive podcast database with different podcasts you can pitch to be featured on
  • A frequently updated collaboration database with different summits, bundles, and more to apply for
  • A vault filled with digital planners and workbooks all about social media
  • A private member-only community
  • Monthly support opportunities

Secure a year (or even a monthly membership) in The Visibility Society before we raise the price in 2024!

Summit Planning Bundle (30% Off)

Ready to plan a summit but got analysis paralysis?

You probably already have an amazing idea… but what you lack is a solid plan!

We’ve developed a set of power-packed tools and templates that you need to make planning your first (or next!) virtual summit a breeze. Ditch the overwhelm and plan your summit with confidence, just like a pro!

We packaged it all up inside our Summit Planning Bundle

We’ve loaded the Summit Planning Bundle with tools, templates, and more, that you can use immediately to start your summit planning off right.

  • No more procrastinating because you feel overwhelmed with the planning..
  • No more wondering if you’ve forgotten something for your summit.
  • No more wasting time trying to create a project plan when you don’t even know where to start.

Throw your worry aside and get your summit planning stride on.

Snag the Summit Planning Bundle today and say goodbye to summit planning stress.

Back Pocket Summit Strategy (30% Off)

Is your summit not reaching the goal you’ve set?

We know you’ve put in the work. Now let us help troubleshoot.

Most virtual summit hosts (especially first timers) miss the mark completely when it comes to planning and hosting a summit… so you aren’t alone! But after hosting a dozen summits and supporting countless others, we’ve got the inside scoop!

Get your Back Pocket Summit Strategy

With not one, but TWO summit strategists to bounce all of your summit questions, ideas, and struggles off of.

With this day of Voxer support, you will get quick answers to keep your summit planning moving forward.

This brand new way to get our support helps you get support on your time without having to block off hours for a Zoom call.

Can we say win-win?

Book your Back Pocket Summit Strategy session to get the 1:1 support you’ve been craving. (Discount is already applied to checkout.)

Summit Success School (30% Off)

Struggling with planning and launching your summit?

We’ve got you.

After spending years planning, hosting, and supporting virtual summits, we’ve seen it all when it comes to results and strategy (and trust us, it isn’t all good!) So we’ve created our very own 5P Summit Planning Framework™ to share with you what works and what doesn’t.

Introducing Summit Success School

Summit Success School is our comprehensive summit planning course featuring our signature 5P Summit Planning Framework™.

We cover everything from summit planning foundations, creating your offer, and speaker outreach, all the way to wrapping up your summit and what to do next, and everything in between!

This program is evergreen with a live Q&A call every month so we meet you where you are in your summit planning journey.

Enroll in Summit Success School while before we raise the price in 2024!

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