About Summit Success Squad

Hey there!

We’re Jenny and Lindsey, and we LOVE hosting summits.

In fact, it is our jam!

We have planned and hosted over 6 virtual summits between the two of us as well as supported countless entrepreneurs launch their own.

We not only LOVE hosting summits, but are avid participants (whether as a speaker or an attendee), so we know what works and what doesn’t.

We are always learning, experimenting, and improving on our own systems and can’t wait to help you along your journey.

We hold ourselves to pretty high standards and we want to make sure you have a profitable summit that leaves you, the speakers, and the attendees, on a high note and wanting more.

So are you ready?

Jenny + Lindsey of Summit Success Squad
Jenny Suneson of Summit Success Squad

Jenny Suneson

I'm a podcast launch strategist + manager and the founder of the popular podcast marketing agency Savvy Podcast Agency. The Savvy Podcast Agency helps female creative entrepreneurs launch + grow their podcasts and start generating leads on autopilot.

My passion is to help female entrepreneurs learn the ins and outs of the digital media world and be the life of the party in all aspects of your business.

Lindsey Aleson of Summit Success Squad

Lindsey Aleson

I’m a web designer & tech strategist over at Lindsey Aleson. I work with female infopreneurs and content creators looking to conquer their fears of tech and design, feel empowered & stand out online.

As a web designer & tech strategist who’s been designing for more than half my life and blogging since 2010, I believe that everyone can create a thriving business they love – the real challenge is figuring out how to be visually unforgettable online.

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